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Appleby vs Hacker - Ooh, yeah. Run, don't walk.

As a tribute to Sir Humphrey, indeed the whole of the Ministry of Administrative Affairs, I shall endeavour to deliver this message in a suitably unhelpful format.

Sir Humphrey : "For those of you who've not seen it, and those of you who have - and therefor want to see it again - assuming, that is, the sanity, soundness, fitness, health, quality, control and general 'fit for purpose' utility of your mind, that is your brain, control centre, seat of consciousness etc. The greatest (a word I use not lightly, nor without appropriate consideration, contemplation and cogitation) comedy show of many, most, or indeed, perhaps all decades, including but not limited to those after the invention of television - although, of course, those decades before, preceding, that is, those that are, if you would, antecedent of the years and decades in question, are automatically disqualified on grounds of technical ineligibility which presupposes, induces and creates an inability to compete - has been released via iTunes."

Jim Hacker : "Sorry, what was your point?"

Sir Humphrey : "Yes Minister has been released on iTunes. And you should go and buy it"

Jim Hacker : "Yes Minister?"

Sir Humphrey : "Yes, Minister."

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    Response: gEoVNtQo
    Rob Lally : Robert Lally : Renaissance Technologist - Blog - Appleby vs Hacker - Ooh, yeah. Run, don't walk.
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