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The Costa Coffee on the A91 to Stirling irks me greatly

Most mornings, on the way to work I stop off at the Cost Coffee on the A91 services. Most mornings I have a large latte. Some mornings, particularly if I had a heavy exercise session the night before and I'm feeling dehydrated, I'll order a large tea. This is where things go down hill.

Costa seem to not want to sell me a large cup of tea. They have cups, they have tea, they have water, I have money. But for some reason it is an issue.

When I order a large tea, a random selection from the following list will happen:

  1. I get it.

  2. They refuse to give me a large cup, telling me I can only have a medium or a small.

  3. The ignore my request for a large cup of tea and give me a medium cup.

Number one makes me happy, although my enjoyment of the tea is spoiled because of the tension from not knowing if it is going to be a hassle getting it.

Number two annoys the hell out of me, so much that I'd rather not have gone in.

Number three makes me really, really mad. You're deliberately giving me something that isn't what I asked for.

This morning was a #3 day and I lost my patience. As she was pouring water into a medium cup I turned and walked away. Walking away, never to return. I will not ever purchase anything from any Costa Coffee again.

I did a quick calculation, and I was on track to spending - between beverages and breakfast - close to £1000/year with them. That's enough money that, I finding the idea of not giving it to them satisfying. The fires of my wrath will warm me where their tea has failed.

Reader Comments (2)

If PG Tips taught us anything, it's that even trained chimps can make tea. In economic terms, tea making is not a scarce enough skill to justify £1000 p.a.

It occurs to me that for around £600 p.a. you can buy a little gazebo tent, a second hand tea urn, a years supply of tea bags, sachets of sugar, stirrers, UHT milks and even a stack of those wonderful planet destroying cups with java-jackets.

Find the parking space immediately before the Costa Coffee and assemble the above items beside a nice big sign stating - hello downtrodden commuters, pull over for free tea to stick it to Costa F**king Coffee :)

You'd still get your morning tea on the way to work, and for less than £1000 p.a..
You'd get the feeling of contentment from helping your fellow man.
You'd be sticking it to Costa Coffee in a very public way that would probably get you noticed as an "and finally..." story on Reporting Scotland.
You'd also get 3rd degree burns each morning from manhandling a large urn of boiling water into the back of your car.

Put an honesty box up pinned to a charity and you're practically a saint. I can see it 300 years from now - "Saint Rob of Newton, patron saint of commuters."

August 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterStuart Blair

Hmm, I'm annoyed at them, but I'm not sure I want to devote my life to smiting them - even if it would come with religious veneration.

If you've got a 20 min smiting plan I'll go with it, other than that I'll just stick to the boycott.

August 22, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterrob

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